Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Well, blog fans, I learned last Saturday (May 20) that our home in Sandy had a flooded basement. I flew home the next day to assess the situation. Since the water source was from without the home (came from the sprinkling system) our homeowners insurance does not cover the damage.  Now one week later, with the services of a disaster mitigation company, the basement is dry but lacking carpet and some drywall (what a misnomer as the lower 6" or so got wet). I flew back to Calgary on Sunday and now we are awaiting estimates for the needed repairs.

Meanwhile, my laptop has been infected by some bogus Microsoft bug and is all locked up, so this
brief blog entry is coming from my office computer. Until I figure out how to unlock my laptop, my blogs will be short and sweet.

In closing, I will add a picture of my running trail (Dimple Dell Trail) not far from our home in Sandy, Utah. It was great getting back to home turf and resuming, albeit very briefly, my routines when home.

Stay tuned...........

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