Sunday, February 26, 2017

Quick trip home and back......

Blog for February 26, 2017

Looking east as we approached our home and Little Cottonwood Canyon

 This will be short as we just returned from a quick trip home. We left on Wednesday at noon and drove to Helena, MT, then on to Sandy on Thursday. We found all well with our home; our great neighbors and friends are doing a wonderful job taking care of it while we are away. Our car had a very dead battery and jump starting it and running it for a while did not provide any juice so I had to get the battery replaced. The battery is original with the car (2010) so it has served us well. Also while in Sandy I got the required emission test and then got the car registered so it is good to go when we return in three months at the end of our mission.

We had snow showers on an off the entire way down and back but, fortunately, there was no real accumulation and the roads were basically clear.  On Wednesday and Thursday the Salt Lake Valley received 6-8 inches, which was just prior to our arrival. Then the first night we were there another 4 inches fell. Despite the snow, the weather was comfortable and the mountains looked particularly beautiful. As many of you know, we live near the mouth of the Little Cottonwood Canyon, which leads up to Alta and Snowbird ski resorts. The road to the resorts was closed for a time on Friday due to an avalanche up the canyon.

Part of the reason for the trip was to finalize our income taxes with our CPA and we were able to get this done and mailed so we feel really good about all the things we accomplished while we were home. We also got to visit with several family and friends and got caught up on all the news and changes.

Daughter Kristi and grandchildren

Today we got away at 7:00 a.m. and made good time so decided to drive all the way through to Calgary. With stops for lunch and gas, we made the trip in a little over 13 hours. We are tired but glad to be back “home” and ready to resume our work tomorrow.

Have a wonderful week!

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