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Travel and more travel...........

Blog for August 28, 2016

This has been a week of considerable traveling; some enjoyable, some not so much. If you read last week’s blog, we had just been informed as I prepared to post it that Kathy and I would be traveling to SLC on Monday morning with a sick missionary.

Unfortunately, when travel arrangements are made at the last minute, flexibility for travel arrangements is pretty much gone. As it turned out, the only thing available (Alaskan Airlines) took us to Seattle and then on to SLC. Getting to SLC wasn’t too bad, but coming back on Tuesday via Delta Airlines necessitated a 4-hr layover in Seattle followed by a departure delay, followed by another delay once we arrived in Calgary where our plane couldn’t pull into our gate as it was occupied by another plane. It took ground personnel another 45 minutes to get the problem sorted out so we could taxi in and deplane. Fortunately, getting through Customs was a breeze; still, it was midnight by the time we got to our apartment so we were 12 hours just getting back home from SLC. As Kathy put it, add another hour and we could have driven it in less time.

We had a surprise to deal with in our home in Sandy. We had called ahead to the wonderful people taking care of our home to tell them we would be returning briefly and would be staying in the home overnight. They went over to turn the water on and get the water heater going. Then the fun began……Water could be heard spraying somewhere and after locating the source, discovered water spraying out of the top of the water heater where a weld had apparently failed. There would be no hot shower on Tuesday morning at home. So, before heading back to the SLC airport, we had to make arrangements for a new hot water heater, which will be installed tomorrow morning. While the timing was unfortunate, it is all good; no real damage was done during the brief time the water was spraying, and the hot water heater, now more than15 years old, needed to be replaced. This will be one thing we won’t have to deal with when we return home. Things have actually gone well with our home during our absence, thanks to the good care it is receiving.

Okay, so I am the car czar so I have to say something about cars.  We received one new Nissan Rogue during the week. The plan always is, upon receiving a new car, to take an older car out of service, get it all fixed up and sell it. Again, however, more new missionaries are arriving this coming week than are going home so two additional areas are being opened and the new Rogue will go to some Sisters in the new area. Another 11 Rogues are coming to us sometime over the next several weeks, so gradually I will soon be back in the car selling business. If you aren’t in a big hurry and are in the market for a used Chev Cruz, a Subaru Ipreza, a Chev Equinox, or a Chev Colorado crew cab truck, all in great condition, I know a guy……

If we hadn’t had enough traveling, Saturday Kathy and I decided to drive to Golden, British Columbia, - about 3 hours away. 

While Golden isn’t much of a destination in and of itself, it was the scenery on the way and back that was our motivation. We want to see as much as possible of Southern Alberta before winter arrives. The scenery didn’t disappoint. I will include several pictures and share our trip with you.


Unfortunately, some of the mountaintops were a bit obscured by clouds, and we had some intermittent rain on our way back; still the views were extraordinary. The route took us through Banff, past Lake Louise, and through a mountain pass and on into the Yoho National Park.


Of particular interest is the beautiful clear aquamarine rivers that flow down the east side of the Continental Divide. On the west side of the Divide the rivers are equally as beautiful but the water is a kind of a milky jade color. The western slope water gets its unique color from sediment and glacial water coming from the high mountain areas. The eastern slope water is a beautiful aquamarine color but quite different from the west slope.

After returning from our drive yesterday, we returned home, got dressed, and went to a baptism for a wonderful Hispanic lady in the Spanish Branch. While I didn’t understand much of what was said, the Spirit there was wonderful and I had Kathy to translate some of what was said. We have talked about the wonderful mix of ethnic groups here in Calgary. Such was also the case last evening at the baptism with a mix of Spanish speaking Saints from Argentina, Chile, Columbia, and several from Mexico. In his welcome, the Branch President commented that, even though they share a common language, they sometimes have difficulty understanding one another. It brought a chuckle from all who were in attendance.

Have a wonderful week. 

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